32nd ultra-modern Logistics Park in Hyderabad Launched: By Safexpress


Safexpress, India’s biggest supply chain and Logistics Company launched its ultra-modern Logistics Park in Hyderabad on Saturday. Spanning over an area of 4,00,000 sq ft, this world-class facility is strategically located close to National Highway 44. This Logistics Park will help in augmenting economic growth in Telangana region. This huge Logistics Park is one of India’s largest supply chain and logistics facilities.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Managing Director, Safexpress, Rubal Jain said, “Hyderabad is one of the largest and most rapidly growing cities of Telangana, and is home to more than 1,300 IT and ITES firms. Over the years, Hyderabad has evolved itself from a traditional manufacturing city to a unprejudiced business hub. Hyderabad is also a very pivotal location from the point of view of logistics connectivity of Southern India with the rest of the country. The World Bank Group has ranked Hyderabad as the second best Indian city for doing business. The city and its suburbs contain the highest number of special economic zones among all Indian cities. With the development of Hyderabad Logistics Park, we will be able to further boost our leadership position in the supply chain and logistics industry.”

Rubal Jain added, “The economy of Hyderabad is based on traditional manufacturing, the knowledge sector, and tourism. Hyderabad is among the global centers of information technology for which it is known as Cyberabad or HITEC City. Hyderabad also accounts for approximately 20 per cent of India’s total pharma exports. Hyderabad has been a global trade center in multiple business domains. However, despite the presence of many medium and large scale industries, Hyderabad does not have adequate warehousing and logistics infrastructure. Safexpress Logistics Park will help in bridging these infrastructure gaps. It will also enable us to provide clients with cutting edge transhipment as well as 3PL services.”

Jain explained, “We have made a significant investment to set up this ultra-modern logistics infrastructure in Hyderabad. This will help the industries in Hyderabad belt in having access to our world-class supply chain and logistics services, which would contribute heavily in the economic growth of the entire region. The Logistics Park is strategically located and will serve as the nodal point for supply chain and logistics across Telangana.”

Highlighting the USP of the Logistics Park at Hyderabad, Jain said, “This facility is a perfect mix of environment-friendly initiatives and technology. We have invested in rainwater harvesting, developed a special green zone and robust IT systems to support operational efficiencies and inventory visibility. Located strategically close to National Highway 44, the Logistics Park will fulfill the warehousing needs of companies located in and around Telangana.”

Jain concluded by saying, “In the GST era, most companies are adopting newer business and supply chain models. We at Safexpress, offer our clients with path-breaking innovations alongside customized services. Safexpress is leading the GST revolution and is helping numerous companies in scaling up their business faster than ever. Most companies are now resorting to outsourcing their supply chain and logistics needs to a GST compliant 3PL service provider like Safexpress, while keeping their own warehousing and hub infrastructure to minimal levels. Keeping these factors in mind, we have hugely augmented our 3PL network by creating 32 ultra-modern Logistics Parks spread over 13 million square feet. Hyderabad Logistics Park will be operational 24×7, 365 days in a year to provide time-definite deliveries. Due to our non-stop operations, we will be providing the fastest transit-time for deliveries from Hyderabad to all over India.

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Unique blend of transportation and warehousing services: Safexpress Logistics

In the presently fierce and competitive economic framework, manufacturing and retail firms are increasingly turning to outsourcing of their logistic functions to majorly focus on core competencies, better management and for the optimization of company resources, assets & inventory. Firms want to join hands with logistic partners having just the right expertise and competence to efficiently manage all of their logistic requirements across their entire supply chains.

Established in 1997, with a vision to revolutionize the Supply Chain and Logistics industry in India, Safexpress is a nationwide Supply Chain and Logistic company, with over 5500 vehicles, across 620 destinations and spread over 13 million square feet of warehousing space. It offers a wide variety of supply chain services including 3PL, Consulting and Express Distribution.

Safexpress’s transportation and warehousing services offer their esteemed customers a one stop solution for all of their logistics requirements. These solutions have benefited customers in 8 different business verticals ranging from Fashion logistics, Hi-Tech logistics, Healthcare logistics, E-commerce logistics, publishing to Automotive logistics, FMCG & Consumer Electronic logistics, Engineering & Electrical Hardware logistics and Institutional logistics. It constantly aims on building the largest network and has achieved the fastest transportation time by surface all over India.

Safexpress provides top of the line warehousing support ensuring time bound door to door delivery of goods and safety of cargo anywhere across India with a focus on benefiting businesses at each level.

With an undeterred commitment to delight its customers with impeccable personalised services, the firm today has firmly established itself as a ‘Knowledge Leader’ and ‘Market Leader’ of supply chain and logistics industry in India.

Safexpress imbibes a ‘We Can We Will’ attitude in their daily responsibilities and as a company it;

  • Believes in nurturing a healthy relationship with their customers from the very start.
  • Constantly strives to transform from an ‘Effort-based Organization’ to a ‘Result-based Organization’.
  • Explores uncharted territories by constantly seeking Knowledge.
  • Believes in the power of Communication while dealing with any situation.

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